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Insurance no claims question

Hi there, took out a fully comp insurance with CIS last september (myself as sole named driver) so I could learn to drive in my own car (accompanied of course). Passed my test (first time thankfully) in February and informed CIS of this.

Now its coming to renewal time and Im looking for cheaper quotes, however I came across Swinton who would not allow me to select one year no claims (even though I will have been paying CIS for a year come renewal) because my full licence isnt a year old, after an email enquiry they stated :

"Unfortunately you can only gain No Claims Discount on a
full UK licence, so therefore if you were insured with a Provisional
licence for half of the year then you unfortunately will not have earned 1
years No Claims Discount. Ive no idea as to whether this is applicable
with all Insurance companies, but unfortunately that is just one of our

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this with other companies before I start phoning round asking them. Id hate to get insurance using 1 year ncb then (touch wood) if something happened the policy was void because of this.

PS incidentally CIS have given me a 35% discount (10% higher than last year) on the renewal, which indicates they have noted 1 years ncb.

Many thanks in advance


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the woman i spoke to yesterday at Adrian Flux was pretty friendly and helpful, give them a bell and ask

ask cis what theyd give you, i.e. if the letter you get says you have 1 years no claims bonus now or what

if it says 1 years, then should be fine
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I was with CIS when i first started driving and they were spot on. Although, not the cheapest with a few years NCD under your belt.