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Insurance, not the usual post


ClioSport Club Member
Just a quick post to say, Adrian Flux are one of the few insurance companies I have dealt with who seem fair, I got a quote yesterday over the phone from them, which was about £250 cheaper than I had been quoted by anyone else, I took 10 mins to mull it over but when I phoned back to put it in place, they said, they never quoted me that price and it was pretty much the same as the other companies I had tried....

Anyway after a bit of messing round the manager said, I will go back listen to the call, and if the lady gave you the price you said over the phone I will honour it..... (I thought not a chance) Give them their due, he rang me back 10 mins later and said, we listened to the call and yes she made a mistake and we will honour the price, great service from them..... :up:, and proof that if you stick to your guns, sometimes you can win......

Mods not sure if this is the wrong section, if it is, could you please move it thanks......


ClioSport Club Member
  Abarth 595
Having worked in contact centres that's the norm and she has now probably been given a warning...