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Insurance Query.

  Clio GT
Hi all,

Dont know if this is in the right section... but...

On my birthday :-( i got pulled and got a FPN, £60 fine and 3 points. Ultimately, using my mobile whilst driving... not gonna make excuses...


The copper gave me the offense code BE46 ( i belive ) and said 'not in proper control of vehicle'.

I know this has to be declared to the insurance company, but when im looking at quotes etc, this offense is not listed, so what do i do?

My policy is with Quotemehappy, so all online based no phone numbers, so if i cant add the offense i cant declare it?

Whats your advice??

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Have you got your licence back yet?

FPN codes are different to the licence codes.

It'll be a CU80, but what does your licence say?
  Clio GT
Got my license back yesterday, bit surprised you need to send both parts, as all they seem to do is write the 'offense' on the paper part :S

Anyway, its come back with offense code MS60, something to do with offense not listed by over code, which by looks of it, is the worst offense to have. I done online insurance quotes and this code practicly doubles my premium, whereas using CU80 'only' adds like £200.

So, question is, ive tried to google it but cant find a real answer,

If i feel the offense code is incorrect, is there a way of getting changed to relfect actually using mobile phone? It seems like, IMO the police have a deal with insurance companies to give you a different code to whack policy prices up!

Also could i declare conviction as 'just' using mobile, or would that be providing false info?

MS50 is racing, sorry.

Seems a bit weird. It was a phone you were on and not a sat nav or texting?