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Insurance renewal after 1st years free...

  H22A7 Accord Type R

Ok, just gave renault insurance £800 notes to insure me next year. Asked about lowering and it shot up to £980............WHAT da feck????????? So i said to the guy i think ill pass on the lowering, So, £800 to cover my 1.2 16v for the next year. there must be a way of getting them to accept a set of lowering springs for better than that??????? I have renewed, and will prob ring them up next month and say im getting lowering springs fitted...........what u think they will do/say? I have paid the whole £800 off in one payment, so............any ideas? How do some of u lucky buggers get away wi lowering on the free insurance eh..........i couldnt :mad:............i need my car lowered! any advice guys??????? Cheers, Rob




mine is an extra £100 on the excess

£420 + £250 excess

just phone em up and tell em after
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i really dont know how u lot do it!!!!!!!! they must see me coming!!!!! lol............who is it best to speak to??? instead of one of the numpties in the call centre?
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

how old r u both and how many no claims u got?. coz got to start saving for me renewal after years free.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

20, and my years free was my 1st yrs no claims. no accident history or points or anything



Im 20 (21 in may)

i have 3.5 years ncb, pass plus, car is garaged, cat 2 alarm and is in a low crime area. and im a member of the iam


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Renault insurance stuffed me over lowering. My premium went up £200 after it was lowered. Needless to say, after renewal I told them to stuff it and have just renewed with elephant, who only wanted a little extra for the fact it was lowered.

If you ring them up after renewal they will still want the full amount, just may be slightly less depending how many months are left on your policy. Dont expect it to be any cheaper!
  Renaultsport Clio 182

I am on the free insurance aswell, bin looking around getting qoutes already(renewal date in NOV 03) and mine is £1600. I will be 20 in april have 1yrs NCB in nov, Hopefully, No points or fines!!! Cat1 alarm and garaged!!!

Insurance it blo#dy kills us drivers!!!!

  307 hdi (powered by derv)

i am doing me advanced driving test this year so hopefully that should help me out.

Does the advanced driving test lower the insurance by much cause the insurance in N. Ireland is a joke?

PLus it looks like im getting 3 points on my license now for speeding
  307 hdi (powered by derv)


it will reduce insurance by about 10% as an average, but not all insurance companies recongnise the test.


have u done the test then, me grandad is the chairman for the adi round here and he will train me well.

my dad use to be an instructor in the iam and he says most insurance companies dont give a toss about it.

as for the springs, i told renault and they just added 100 to my excess.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i dont know how u lot do it! I just rang an insurance company in the back of a P-GTI mag, the guy couldnt quote me this evening, but says due to my 1yrs NCB and my age (20), he thinks they will be able to help me out..........and they dont charge for mods like lowering!!! HA, Renault might not have my money yet..........greedy barstewards

Pass plus hard?

Thats a joke int it. You can do it with your driving instructor and theirs no test. Easy as pie. you just have to be confident on the motorway