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Insurance time !!!

I know this has been asked many times before but has anyone recently insured a 16v ? Ive been through all the ones previously submitted and the cheapest is still my renewal quote from Elephant @ 827 quid ?? Seems a lot for a 24 year old with 4 years NCB, one none fault accident and with HP induction kit !?! Anyone agree disagree, ideas ?

Cheers !

Its medium dodgy but not Mosside, still a few theiving crunts about, had to start renting a garage after they tried to nick my old car three times without any luck, SCUM !! Still think its an expensive quote though as last year was only 750 quid ?
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Same ere - got quoted £981 and i have 3 years NCB in march - insurance sux!!

Caught the b@stards who broke into it last time tho...nicKed an alpine V12 amp, boxed sub and some mids, which ill never see again...

The same guys drove down my street at around 1 am monday morning, and tried it with my mates uncles car - i woke up to hear wheelie bins been thrown about the street and windows smashing - went out to see, and these little scrawny scrotes from the local estate were being chased by my mates uncle with a plank of wood - they ran like sh1t whilst HE smashed the sh1t out of their golf GTI mk2!

Anyway, they ran off shouting, "youll effin regret that" (im a whimpering crying pathetic voice) - got caught by cops 30 mins later, car was towed away - caught em - 3 aged between 17 and 19 - f@ckin kids man!!!

Hope they get soap duty...

Yeah, hate the thieving pikey scum, I got a bent door, scratches and boot marks all over it, a broken steering lock and they left the system in it, tw*tS !!!!! Insurance does suck youre right, Elephant have penalised me for a claim that was withdrawn even though the woman hit me up the arse !?! Have tried the Halifax, they want 825 quid if I take the Induction kit off, wont insure me if I dont ?!?
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Mmm...i just say mines standard - if i prang it, then ill just whack the original air box back on....mentioned the exaust tho cos you can see it strait away...cant believe the prices ive been quoted tho - just had a new CAT 1 alarm fitted not so long since and its hardly made any difference to the price of quotes ive had! Piece of mind tho....

Just annoys me that you get something that youve always wanted, and take great care in looking after and spend loadsa cash on and youve got:

Road tax: so you can drive over pot holes and raised manhole covers

Insurance: Brokers taking the p1ss

Cops: Handing out fines & points to get people off the roads

Gatsos: Paying for war in other countries

Petrol: Tax on tax

Whoops! sorry to sound like ive gone off on one! Didnt mean to depress everyone

oh and ive had my passenger window and windscreen smashed with a hammer, a stone meant i had to replace my windscreen again. A dick in a bus hit my wingmirror sister kurbed my alloy so much it was too dangerous to use so i had to get it replaced..ermm..shall i go on?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I renewed mine today mate...!

22, 4 years NCB, 1 x SP30.

Clio 16v, mods declared (most) Cat 2 immob, Clifford alarm.

£520 TPFT with FC benefits. with Performance Direct

Im happy with that, Flux wanted over £700, Liverpool Victoria even more.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

08707 460205

I told em id be putting my 17s back on in the summer and it would cost nothing or v little extra.


try tesco on the net, i have just turned 19 with a 16valver, and am fully comp for bout a grand. which is reasonable for my age?:D