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Insurance with a rollcage

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ClioSport Club Member
Who does everyone use? I had a quote from Greenlight a while back which wasnt bad, but who else covers them?


ClioSport Club Member
Not everyone will cover you if you have a cage, So not really anyone :wink:

One of the "performance specialists" will help, Greenlight are one of the better company at the moment


ClioSport Club Member
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Sorry I ment the specialists rather than say Tesco at a guess.

ive also used Brentacre before with no issues


ClioSport Moderator
Greenlight for me aswell.

I have used both Sky and Brentacre in the past and Keith Micheals will do it, as will Adrian Flux etc.

Greenlight have been the best to date.


ClioSport Club Member
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I had my caged 172 with Admiral, I was only 20 too.
Took a bit of explaining, they didn't know what a roll cage was..
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