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insurance ??

hi there ive just sold my car today and i am half way through the year in my insurance. i havent got a new car yet but am expected to in the next week. If i ring up and say ive sold it and dont need to be insured on it anymore they will then end my insurance. does that mean i have to lose the 6mths i gained and have to start all over again when i get my new car coz i really do not want to start again as in 6mths i sjould have another year ncb. does any 1 know if it def gets scrapped when stopping the insurance, what can i do to get round stoppin it and losing the 6mhts so far. im well baffed please help!!!
no, i think you can just change your policy over to your new car for the remainder of the policy term. depending what your new car is, there might be another primium to pay.
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Yes I think you would loose your 6 months unless you switched straight away. Don't quote me on that though, forgive the pun.
cliott said:
can two people get insured on the same car with diff ins comp??
Ype you just have to tell them you don't own the car.
Ring the compnay some will hold the policy. Then again you could always go run the police and not tell them there not bothered usualyl after all you'r paying for a policy which won't be claimed on.


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if you just keep it on ur old one for a week that should be fine, or if u know what ur reg is of ur other car ur getting just swap it over now.
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theyll prob charge you a £15 or so admin fee as well for updating your car details plus the extra if your premium rises
for the people that answered the forum, what happens is if you sell your car you get the option of putting your insurance on hold untill you get your new car that way you dont lose ya no claims or the mths you have saved for...... Then it just gets changed over when new car is bought. simple as LOL..

Djw John

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cliott said:
my sister is insured on her car with her insurance, can i not insure myself with my insurance on her car??

No, you cant have 2 policies on the same car according to some insurers I tried a few years back
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I was in the same boat, i was told by Norwich Union that i would loose the 6 months if i cancelled it but not if i swapped it over, I was without a car for 3 days but i kept my old one insured even though i didnt have it, How long are you going to be without a car? if it's only a week i'd leave it and ring insurance up when you have bought it and swap it over!!
EvilJohn said:
No, you cant have 2 policies on the same car according to some insurers I tried a few years back

had the same thing wen i tried to get insured on my dads car and they told me you weren't allowed to seperate policies on the same car (sounds b0lox but thats wat happened to me!!)
lol, right few people are getting confused. the scenerio.
sold saxo stayed insured 1 day after, phoned insurance told them i sold it. my policy was then put on hold (freeze or whatever) you can suspend, hold, freeze you policy for as long as you find a car before the policy is due to expire, mine january. I found my cliocup last thurgot insured onit that thur so it was a matter of swapping it over from saxo to clio and payin costs to cover the new car. so i have not lost my 6mths or stay insured on the car which i know longer owned. hope that has helped...