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  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
i had a bump and am payin via insurance, i am a named driver 18yrs.....step dad has protected no claims,,,,,how much can a expect ins to go up any clues.....its 600 at the mo. 1.2....cheers
  Turbo'd lude, Astra
If you are the named driver then it will be your dads insurance that will go up and not yours.

This is because you will be claiming off your dads insurance because it is his policy!!!

My partners mum is still paying the price for an accident he had over 4 years ago. So expect your dad to be paying a higher premium for the next 5 years.

My advice to you would be to get your own policy, for myself on 1.2 when i was 17 just passed my test i was only paying 750 fully comp. You just need to shop around, Swift cover is now by far the cheepest i have found!

Hope this helps
Wish it was that cheap for me. Cheapest I could find on my 1.2 is 770 at 20 with 2yrs no claims :( Ive tried at least 40 insurers, swift cover were over 1k :S
  Turbo'd lude, Astra
well that policy was with tescos!!!

I now pay 615 with swift cover for my dci, im 19 with 2 years no claims!!!

It lowers your insurance premium if you are the main driver but added your parents as a named driver. It didnt really make that much difference i found to be a named driver on my mums policy only a couple of hundred pounds!!
  '52 clio 1.2 16V
damn those sound some cheap policies. best i could find fully comp for me at 17 was £1650 on my 1.2
  Turbo'd lude, Astra
if you dont mind me asking where abouts do you live?

have you tried getting any quotes with an older driver as a named driver? it really did make a difference for me!!

also how much is the excess on both your policies?