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  500 Twinair
Had a nice surprise for me this morning when i got back from my holiday,
i had a letter from my insurance company this morning saying that my clio was involved in an accident. Having nearly broken my leg trying to get to my car, to see if it was still there, i inspected it to find no damage was so ever???
So i rang my insurance company who were helpful but a bit confused as to why i have recieved a letter if no accident happened. They have recieved a call from this persons insurance company saying my car was involved in an accident, so they sent a letter to find out where, how and when, but two weeks later nothing!!!

Am not happy, but had to ring the police to make sure my car plates havent been cloned etc. They werent really helpful but logged it down.

I had a friend who had this happened to him and it was cos the person he supposedly crashed in to wrote down the plate and got a letter wrong, this ended up in court and even though my friend tracked down the car in his area that was the actual car that caused the accident, he ended up losing the case though he doesnt have to payout but he loss his ncb and his insurance is now a stupid price.

Sorry for the rant, any advise would be welcome.
Wouldn't worry too much mate - i can't see it being a problem just a mistake. I'm sure the person that had the car hit them will see admit it wasn't your car. Probaly just an error. They'll have the contact details for the other person somewhere