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Keith Michaels are good generally (or they have been for me recently) 0208 642 7868

What about cliosport insurance?

Yeah worth a shot

Directline are supposed to be the best (cheapest) for unmodified cars. Renault use them for the free insurance i think.
  ff 182

I juts tried all of them for insurance on a cup and they wanted in the region of £2000-4000 fully comp so i phoned Tesco who im with now and they quoted me £1,700 fully im going with them ive got a test drive in 1 on Sunday.and im nearly 22 with 2yaers no claims

My last insurance was "dirt cheap" in that it had huge excesses and excluded theft cover from anywhere except in my garage! Now that was bad. But at the time, it was by far the cheapest.

i tried our own company they wanted over 2200 for a valver that was standard iam 20 with two years no claims and iam currentley paying 1100. that is with jewel insurance try em ask for marion and tell em john suggested them there number is 01622 693003