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Have been looking for quotes for a 172 and Ive been getting in the region of £2500 at least. Yet I looked back at some previous posts and some one said look on this site
On there people have got really small qoutes.
Someone same as me : 20yrs 3yrs no claims have been qouted £1000.
What kind of insurance do the 172 folks on here have?

Thats really good, im 22 but have 0 NCD so mine was 1600 with direct line, the best i could find.

However i would recommend CIS if they give you a quote around a grand, they have always been good for me in the past service wise.

Also they offer an under 25 policy (had one on my old RT) with means anyone can jump in your car and drive it fully comp if they are under 25 and over 21. This is really handy especially when doing long drives or you want to go out and get pissed.