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  Looking For a 1.4RT


I am 15 now and looking for a project car to work on untill i am old enough to drive it. i was just wondering what the price will be for insurance on an old Clio, most likely a 1.2 P reg. If anyone can would appreciate it, cheers!
  ex Clio 172 owner :(

First car when youre 17, even a 1.2 tpft, expect around £1200+ at least, depending on area etc.
  Looking For a 1.4RT

Thats not bad i can live with 1200+, Just going to buy one soon that needs a bit of TLC on it and do a engine rebuild and things liek that, just wanted to make sure that the insurance is affordable.

Thanks for your help
  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Go somewhere like Elephant.

Put all your details in but make your date of birth two years before what it is now thus pretending your 17.

See what it comes out as.
  Looking For a 1.4RT

Well i went to and put it as i was 17 and got my provisional license and got a quote for a 1998 RENAULT CLIO 1.2 3dr Hatchback, which came out at just over £2200

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You would get it for £1200...........thats what a guy I know paid (17) just passed his test and when he sends in his certificate for the Pass Plus he will get a 20% refund...........which means hell have paid £960.

Also when the time comes Id suggest a Bonus Accelerator policy which gets you max NCB after only 3years couple that with saving made by doing the Pass Plus and its very big savings.

Cya Stu

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  Looking For a 1.4RT

Cheers for the tips:D

Just got to make some space in the garage as the Kit car lives in there aswell, you never know mite come back and join one day in a few yaers!
  Looking For a 1.4RT

the membership sign up have stopped untill well it doesnt say so cant do it just yet:)

Maybe in a while, thanks for oyur help Stu and others


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Quote: Originally posted by stusV6 on 01 July 2005

Why wait just join now!

Oh I got a Clio V6 when I was 20..........see Pass Plus eh :D

Cya Stu
^^ GIT!!! Explain this bonus accerater again?

For the last time..................its 9month policy as opposed to a 12 after the 9months you get 1 years NCB after 18months 2years NCB etc it cheaper to pay for 9months and at the end of period its cheaper still cause youve got a years NCB.

Cya Stu

PS and youre toooooooo OLD :D