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Interesting ECU antics....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Now this may be all in the mind, but my car felt painfully slow the other day. Im always doing that trick where you disconnect the two pipes from the airbox and roaring around with a nice sound etc. But, the other day my car was idling really weirdly after a toasting session on a fast road. The revs were going between 1000-1250 rpm with no throttle, just idling. I thought - "oh dear, this is strange", and turned it off and did the ECU reset trick and the idling went back to normal. I drove home and all was well. I then re-attached the pipes on the airbox and drove the car and it felt really slow, i mean, especially when into 2nd gear it was sluggish. I recently did another reset ECU trick and it seems to be better, but im not sure. Is there a sensor that has gone capput somewhere (erratic idling) and its gone into safe mode or something (limited operating mode?). Or did the ecu adapt to the removal of the pipes?


it couls possibly be the vvt actuator.. if it is stuck in the on position...

If the ecu was in LOS (Limited operating strategy) then the warning light on the dash would be on..there is no sensor to say that the idle vavle is u/s though

check you havnt knocked off a hose to the inlet plenum, there is one from the evap canister on the cam cover end (Goes under the plenum) and look at the back of the the throttlebody for another - the ISCV is located there.

I have a spare vvt actuator if you need one.. possible, but unlikely.

possibly just soemthing loose.

the other one to check is the coolant temp sensor connection. this can cause similar probs if knocked loose.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

it sounds to me like you have simply reset the ECU and its learned goin off with the pipes disconnected, then when you put them back on it seemed sluggish, then the rest solved it

i recently have been playing with my ecotek valve, car was fine, closed ecotek, was funny, reset ECU, fine....

i doubt the problem will come back unless you mess with the hoses without resetting the ECU
  CTR EK9 turbo

I was told by a race director how to reset my ECU: turn the ignition onto the setting with all the lights on, but not fire the engine. Pump the accelerator 5 times to the floor, twist the key to off. Wait 30 secs, then turn on.