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Interior colouring

Ive seen a bloke with a wicked clio3. It was also wicked inside. He had a aluminium silver centre console and also the same with his door handles. I was wondering if anybody knew how i could do this to my car without using them nasty stick on kits!

my interior is completly done in red an black leather, (not the seats yet ))

ill post pics l8r and you can tell me if its what you want.

Wing, I bought a set of silver metallic Mk2 172/Megane inside door handles and fitted them - a quick 5 minute job.

Wing - I got mine from my local dealers parts department. Im in South Africa, but Im sure you can do the same, or try a breaker.
sl*gGat - are you sitting down? Try R360 each.
Just remember that the plastic trim in Mk2 Clios is black, whilst the Mk1 is dark blue, which means you need to take the handle components apart (just unclip the spring at the back and pull the silver bit out) and put the silver part into your old dark blue part.