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Internal Job Interview :-/

This will be fun...

Our work are bidding for 4 new sites and they have advertised temp positions in a 'mobiliztion team' which pretty much means go into these sites for 6 months+ ish and make sure our shizzle gets going when we pinch these sites of the government.

so from an IT perspective we will have a network to setup, and maybe a phone system/CCTV system if the gov remove it when they leave (we def won't be able to use their computer network)

a good oppurtunity for me as I am just a lowly helpdesk kind of guy.

I've been asked for an interview however I will be competing against my boss!! The plus for me is my boss is a lazy fucker (although I don't know how much of this the director knows about this as he is based in London and doesn't visit that much)
The other thing that happened is that earlier in the bid process we had to supply a set of CV's to the tenderer to prove if we won we had suitable skills to get the place up and running - they asked for mine as apposed to my boss (which pee'd him off as I was off site that week and he 'neglected' to ring me to get me to do - i happened to remote log into my emails as a fluke ha) When that email came they were asking for my CV along with pretty much all the senior managers on our site - I've no idea why they wanted mine but can't be bad!

anyway, if that was all TL/DR - when I go to the interview with the IT director how do I convince him I'm the man for the job vs my boss wh has years more experience that me!! haha
Don't slate your Boss or make him look Like a fool. plan your tactics and be honest. I personally hate when people are slagging their managers off for promotions and so on, concentrate on your good points and how you have helped the business so far and how much more you could do. They have nothing to lose if your track record is good. Make sure you prepare and take some material with you, this is excellent for your CV.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine :)


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What gabi said, if you can't get through the interview without putting in bad words or slagging somebody else off then you don't deserve the job, I'd bin you straight away as a candidate.

Do some research and tell them what they want to hear. As Swiss Tony would say, going for an interview is very much like making love to a beautiful woman!
yeah i dont want to go in slagging my boss off it's not very classy.

im sure someone along the process will know about his 'flexi time' hours etc.

prepare research and look uber interested then!
Just for reference, I have random 'flexi time' where sometimes, people don't know my location but always available on mobile/Internet. This doesn't mean I'm not doing any work or that I am bumming around, but sometimes yes, I'm not doing work however is subsidised from the many extra hours that are done on a weekly basis which are not paid for.

Just make sure you're prepared, come across nicely and are sharp. You're obviously a keen individual and therefore, that will be shown in the interview. Also mention your out of hours studying, even if it's not for a qualification it all goes towards your self development.

Your manager, if you work well, should be promoting your efforts and make it known to his managers. He should not be restrictive in any sort of way.

In my place, I want the best for everyone, however, if they lie/**** people off/think they are better than everyone else/rude, then I don't have time for that and they are out the door. Harsh I know but don't have time for BS.
when i say flexi time, i mean turning up at 10am because our senior manager never visits our office, when i walk into the office constantly alt+tabbing off of stupid flash games, personal phone calls...i could go on but anyway, I'm sure the management realise something isn't right.

I noticed that when we applied the website said thanks for your application but my boss had been told his application hadn't come through - there was a fault with the website and we both had to email our letters over - he decided to tell me after the deadline (Although obviously didn't matter) but he is a bit funny like that... I think it has brought out the competitive streak as he is job hunting anyway and probably wants something to bolster his CV as he hasn't had much success.

He was on annual leave on Friday when the email came asking for an interview, I'm curious to see if he asks if I got one or if he keeps it quiet again.
Had my interview today which was quite funny.

The corporate project manager chap explained to us that they need to create a perception that the hiring process is reasonably fair but they actually already have a plan and so long as we are happy with it then we can crack on with it

Fortunately the plan is that because one of the new sites is < 10 miles down the road they want me to help out so this will be a good experience that should start end of march.

I also discovered that trading my usual cargo pants and polo shirt for a suit is like the lynx effect :cool: