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iPhone and network speed test

Downloaded the speed test app just to see how quick/slow my phone/network is.

I have nothing to compare my results with so no idea if my figures are average, low or high.

What speeds are you getting?

Network: Three
Ping: 172
Download speed: 4.43mbps
Upload speed: 0.67mbps
  200 Gordini No.159
Your testing off the mobile network? not connected to WiFi or anything

My results

Phone: HTC Desire HD
Network: Orange
Ping: 134
Download Speed: 571kbps or 0.5mbps
Upload Speed: 366kbps or 0.3mbps

I never realised my internet on my phone was so S**t! haha

but when my phone is connected to my WiFi in my house I get

Download: 40.2mbps
Upload: 10.3mbps


Who needs phone internet :D
Yeah that's purely speed test from my mobile connected to 3G.

No wifi at home due to Sky being s**t slow and getting it sorted but should be installed and running by today apparantly!
  200 Gordini No.159
That speed is quite good, I've always had iPhone's but switched last time (for some reason, I must be mad). When this contract expires I will be switching back to an iPhone

I used to work in tech support for Virgin media, hence why I'm getting 40mb+ speeds on WiFi in my house :D