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  1. AndyPembs182

    Wireless iPhone mount/holder for 182

    Looking for recommendations for a wireless charging holder for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Considering an air vent one as I’d rather it weren’t on the screen (always seems to fall off!). Very happy to hear about amazing ones and rubbish ones too!
  2. DeeKay86

    Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - 4th April 2021 - My Comprehensive Notes!

    Hi everyone, As per usual, here are my notes from todays event. I hope you find them somewhat informative. Have an awesome day! Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - April 20th 2021. --- Notes by DeeKay86 - @TheRealDeeKay86 --- --- Tim Cook on screen. - First event of 2021. - Apple HQ is now Carbon...
  3. MrBlonde

    Video grabber?

    Anyone know an app or how to save small video clips to an iphone?
  4. MrBlonde

    Iphone keeps Skipping tracks

    When i try to play songs on my iphone they wont play,it just keeps skipping all my songs??.,it is an iphone SE and is upto date with updates.
  5. MrBlonde

    How to remove downloads songs

    As again my itunes has fecked up!.it has unselected all my songs!.so I selected what songs/playlist i want on my iphone synced it & now it shows the music i wanted but also shows this.... How do i get rid of the songs with download cloud next to them? Its an iphoneSE and has been updated.
  6. MrBlonde

    What Games are playing on iPhone?

    What Games are you playing on your iphones?.im looking to find a game but cant find anything that good,maybe a good strategy or war game
  7. MrBlonde

    CSR Racing 2

    Anyone playing this?.just started playing and addicted already!.just seeing if anyone has started there own crew on there or a clio one?
  8. MrBlonde

    iphone 4s

    Have my old iphone 4s for sale on ebay. Item number-351766366153
  9. MrBlonde

    iPhone Camera

    Is it just me or is hard to get a good photo using the iphone camera??.ive just got the new SE and thought the camera would be much better.but still cant seem to get that great photo!.keep taking photos of my 172 just not been really impressed yet
  10. J

    iPhone 5S

    My boss has offered me his 5S 64gb for the trade in price of £145, decent condition and original screen etc. I currently have same model but 16gb, except it's had a non-genuine screen and home button is now a bit hit and miss. Is it worth buying? My contracts up next April and was thinking of...
  11. Clio172NE

    Can't access iPhone

    My partners given me his fathers iPhone 4S to use, the phone has been unlocked by Vodafone however he hasn't delete all data and it's asking me to log into his Apple ID, to which he has no idea what it is and have attempted every email and password we can think of, is there anyway to get past...
  12. W

    Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6..

    As my S5 is on it's last legs I'm wanting to pick up a used iPhone 6 to get me through to September, the only thing I'm worried about is will I be able to use all the Apple features with my current sim in an iPhone? The main one I'm concerned about is Face Time really, anyone able to advise...
  13. Sam

    iPhone 6s bug or iOS 9 bug?

    I've recently just upgraded from a 5 to a 6s. Transferred all my data across can it works well. I like to play a game called Trials Frontier. The problem I'm having is when I double click to chance apps (trials is in landscape) to say whatsapp, whatsapp will be stuck in landscape also even...
  14. Matthew

    Problem after updating iphone to IOS 9

    Hi, I wonder if a tech bod can help. My iPhone 6 was running IOS 8 so tonight I decided to update to IOS 9 (9.0.2). Every night I delete my internet browsing history (general housekeeping), however since updating, the 'clear history button' in Safari also now deletes cookies/web data etc. So...
  15. JohnnyE

    iPhone help

    Can I add another device to my Find my phone app??
  16. Martin.

    Clever people - iPhone 6 and photo import change problems !

    Lads, I've been uploading photos from my iPhones to the PC for years. I've always loved how easy and user friendly it was. You can simply open your device in windows explorer and sort the photos into order. So you can then easily find the most recent ones you haven't uploaded yet. Now I've...
  17. ColinG

    iPhone back up situation....

    Ok here's the situ, I've always backed up to my laptop, it's an old girl now, windows XP, getting low on memory and a bit unstable, but I NEVER use it now, it's only sole purpose is to back up my iPhone. Was thinking of changing my 5S to a 6 as it's becoming very temperamental lately, but went...
  18. M.C..

    iphone 6 "searching"

    My iphone 6 has randomly started to show "searching" in the top left corner. It will be working fine and then "searching" will come up and no signal (wifi still works fine), it happened when I was in France a couple of weeks ago the phone was working fine then it stopped for 3 days, I tried...
  19. Scrooge

    iPhone 5s > One Plus One

    I want to do this but not sure what my 5s is worth it's tatty around the edges but works perfectly. I will probably get a 2nd hand One Plus One. I was thinking of doing the buying and selling on eBay, good idea?
  20. CrippsCorner

    iPhone 6S

    The iPhone Success. Exciting pictures of the next iPhone! Yeah not really, but we knew it wasn't going to look massively different. What do we think of Force Touch etc. which seems to be the biggest rumour. This'll be the first time I'm not getting the new model in years! :disappointed...
  21. Mr Burns

    iPhone videos to PC?

    Lads, is it possible to upload videos from my iPhone to my Windows laptop without requiring a degree in IT?? I don't want to spend a week making a 2min video using crappy clips off my phone!
  22. Rob

    HELP, iPhone 6 Dead.

    Anyone got any suggestions? Some time in the last hour my phone died. Literally died. No life in the screen, buttons, anything. I'm 99.99999% sure it hadn't run out of battery, so it just fucked off to the land of nowhere. Any ideas anyone? @Tom
  23. B

    Connects 2 iPhone3 to 5

    I was wondering if anybody could help. I have a connects2 in the headunit for the Clio. I originally had a 3GS until recently - very cool I know. I now have a 5C and was wondering if the converter plugs would play music, if there is another way around this or if connects2 now does not work if...
  24. Pep

    iphone 6 help

    Just upgraded and got an iPhone 6. I've backed up my old 5 onto my laptop, but when trying to restore from a backup it doesn't give me an option of the one from my 5……what can I do?!?!
  25. MrBlonde

    iphone 4s wont turn on!

    finshed work today & go to check my phone & it has turned itself off & wont come back on,it was fully charged,ive read about holding the home buttton & lock button but my top lock button does not work,any ideas please?.i have also plugged it into the charger to,to see if this will boot it back...
  26. Austin-182

    Is it possible to transfer pictures from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6

    Can anyone tell me if this is possible? When searching online the guides are all relating to setting the new phone up for the first time but that isnt what we want to do. My brother has an iphone 6 that has been up and running for months, he is going to give me his old iphone 5 but wants to...
  27. Sam

    iPhone 5 Battery Problem

    Hi guys. My iphone 5 has gone from bad to worse. It was fully charged last night, i used it for a bit this morning, went to upload a picture and the battery went from 70%+ then died. I tried to turn it back on and it did, it had 64%. Tried to upload the picture again and then it jumped down...
  28. Stay Puft

    iPhone - Digit Smash

    Current game on the iphone I'm addicted to. Can someone please download it (you'll get addicted) and help work out what the symbols do (clock, bomb etc). Can't find anything on google and I'm desperate :'(
  29. scooby-93

    iPhone 5 (vodafone)
  30. scooby-93

    Excellent condition iPhone 5