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IPOD / MP3 Player Adapter

Get the feeling this does not exist, but does anyone know how I could connect an MP3 player to the standard 172 system? Thanks!
  Black/Gold 182

I need something like this but for a Sony Pocket Vaio and not an ipod, are those radio transmitter ones any good, or can someone suggestr something better
  RS 200

Personally I wouldnt go for the radio transmitter, it may be the cheap option and when you start using it you find out why. One of the main probs i had was i could tune it in fine on the driveway at home but by the time i had got to work 5 miles away another station was competing with the frequency i had set, aswell as the interferance on the journey too.

Looking at getting a proper iPod adapter (Pioneer CD-IB100) now for my Pioneer AVIC-X1 HU, did look at the dension myself when i had my standard HU but having a 2005 Clio, Renault have changed the HU and there werent any expansion ports available.

  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

Ive heard mixed reports about the iTrip things...

If dension dont do one, then my guess is it cant be done...

Best get saving for a new system...
  Black/Gold 182

Ahhh, that looks like the kind of thing ill need, forgive me for knowing absolutely nothing about Car stereos but will I be able to fit it myself?