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iPod Nano.

Does anyone have one of the latest iPod Nano's? Wanted to know if they were any good, as thinking about getting one for the OH so she can use it down the gym instead of her iPhone.

Is there a new model on the horizon, or is the current one relatively new?

  Bus w**ker
Sixth gen has to have been out two years now, so I'd expect that there will be a new version out sometime soon.


Judging by the Bluetooth MAP profile being added in iOS6 i suspect it will double up as a companion device/watch.
Ok nice one. May wait for the new one to come out.

Is Apple still doing the replacement service on the old 1st Generation Nano's?

When you enter in the serial number for the replacement, do you know if it will then need you to log in with the Apple ID which is linked to it?