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Is it easty to fit handbrake cover

i got i 172 cup. Is it easy to fit a handbrake cover, i am aware i will have to cut the current one off, but what of the button at the end? does this get replaced as its not round, and i suspect the new handbrake will have a round hole at the top.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

You have to cut the old one off..... i used the trusty dremel to do this and went threw a fw cuttign discs!! oh and wear soem eye protection!!!

the button remains the same as it is attatched to the handbrake assembly.

Your new cover should fit over the aassembly OK, you mite need soem rubber "inserts" which fit specificly to your car, MOMO do these at somethign like £2.50 each you only need the one.

Its just a time consuming job im afraid.