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Is it worth getting Haynes manual

For someone new to fiddling around with the Clio, is it worth getting one of these? Whats all in it? Does it cover electrical, wiring diagrams, removing dash, etc, etc. In other words, would it be useful to someone whose into modifying/customizing their clio?


ceck the for sale section as someone has one for sale in there

well worth the money

i personally just borrow mine from the library tho as im a cheapskate student lol

Yes definately the way to find out how to pull everything apart! and of course putting it back is just a matter of following the instructions in reverse!

Cool. So it looks like I need to get my paws on one of these. I checked the Haynes site, but couldnt find a manual that covers my vehicle, a 2001 Clio 1.4 RT. The only one for Clio II that I could see is for a diesel. Is there one available?

Oops. I didnt look properly. I found it thanx. For the record, the ISBN no is 1859609066. Now I just have to find the cheapest place to buy one. Thanx for all your input guys!
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There is now a manual for the new Clios, I just saw it in Halfords. It covers everything except the 172 and V6. A bit like the old Clio manual covered everything except the Williams.

Cliosport members get a discount on Haynes manuals, check the members page for details.

Hey boyz, keep in mind that Im at the Southern tip of the African continent! Trust me, with an exch rate of 16 Rand to the Pound, you gotta shop in this place!

Ruben, thats great. Are you in the UK? Ive got a friend in London whos coming back to South Africa next month, so I can arrange with her to get some bucks to you. Have you got an e-mail addy where I can contact you?

Strictly speaking, the Clio 91-98 Haynes doesnt cover the Williams. But since most things are the same as on the 16v, its still dead useful.