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is my starter going

looks like more money on maintenance for my little clio

right as of recent sometime when turning the ingnition the starter will sound pause for a while then carry on till the engine fires up, this never happens when first starting her up but but say after stopping leaving the lights on and then restarting the engines. sometime the engine does not even turn over.turn the key and nothing happens then when it does decdied to turno over it seems to struggle a bit

does this sound like a starter motor on its way out and does anyone know how much it will cost to replace witha new or second hand unit. please dont tell me it hard as a bit skint at the moment. or is it something else.

do not think its a battery as every other electrical thing still works and i did think it was a prb with the immobiliser but its not that either leaving me to think it the starter motor

any suggestions


Mine does a similar thing and has done for the past 6 months. about 1 in 5 times of turning the key the engine turns a bit then stops, then continues turning and fires up. The garage said it was dust on the starter motor and they managed to make it slightly some how.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Its is to do with heat my man. The heat in the wires near the starter causes increased resistance, hence the stater struggling to turn when its been running. That part of the loom gets a tad hot as its near the exnahsut manifold. Are all your heatsheilds in place?

Ive come across this problem alot.



where is the starter situated mate, im not that mechanically minded and which heat shoield you talking about. is it the big one next to the zorst manifold

ill go have a look under me bonnet now

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


The starter is situated at the rear of the engine, about a third of the way up, and is a cylindrical shape with one end where connectors and such like fit on to, and the other end buried in the gearbox bell housing.

Its a bit tricky to get to, but easy enough to change if you can sort the access problem out.

I havent actually checked on the clio 16vs whether there are any auxillary head shields, but I know there is another one on the 19s to protect the starter and its loom from the heat of the manifold.