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is this amp any good

  Polo + Micra

they are of the lowest quality ever ive only ever heard of people having problems with them
  V70 d5 beast

okay well ive been to halfords today and ive seen a:

fusion one for £100 and thats 1x200watts rms 4ohms bridged,

or a Vibe i think it was for £100 and that was 1x150watts rms 4ohms bridged,
  Skoda Fabia vRS

how many channels do you need and whats your budget, whats it going to be used to run
  V70 d5 beast

i only need 1 channel i think?

my budget is i guess £80-£100 but if i can find anything better for less then i would have that.

its going to be used to run my 2 6x9s in my parcel shelf.

ive fitted them today and tested them and they sound alright without an amplifer but is it best to amp them?

i tried a different headunit in it today and it sounds much louder but distourts when it gets high volume around 20? i tried a jvc 4x45 watt.
  V70 d5 beast

oh rite well this jvc is about 2 years old, not sure what model it is.

when i put the jvc headunit in i had it on 0 bass but i had it on the loud mode which is where the real power is lol but as soon as i put bass up to maxx which was 6 it distourts at about 20?

but it was distourting the front speakers before it distorted the 6x9s as the front/rears are 150watt maxx and the 6x9s are 360watt maxx.

is it worth putting an amp in there?

what will the difference be?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

its always worth putting an amp in

to run the 6x9s you need a 2 channel amp, but, would you not make use of a 4 channel ?.........why not amp the front speakers, your sat in the front not the back

could you not stretch to this ?

the cheap Alpine amps are pretty good, ive had a few of em

Ive got a boschmann 600w amp 4channel you can have off me for 50 quid. Never used it myself, but has been used by the person I bought it off. Its heavy though, so not sure how much itll cost for delivery