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Is This Normal


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 arctic
hi guys, i was in 1 of the work vans the other day (sprinter) and noticed that the engine revs very nicely, as in as soon as i touch the throttle the revs are up and as soon as im off the revs are down instatly. I have a 182ff and have noticed that there is a slight lag between me letting off the throttle and the revs dropping. when i say lag i dont mean ages but defo noticeable compared to the sprinter anyway.
Is this normal? any suggestions,
  Golf GTD Mk7
presumably the sprinter is diesel? so will be different anyway, but due to the clio electronic throttle, there is a slight lag. mainly on accelleration, but nothing majorly noticable really.
The delay is most likely attributed to the FBW throttle you have in your ph2 172 and the cable throttle you may have in the Van.
Yep, its to do with the weight of the flywheel. getting it lightened and balanced would see revs drop off quicker as well as making the car rev more freely.

Lol at it being because of FBW, its the flywheel keeping momentum
lol, its been a while hasnt it? or have I missed one?

Lightening the flywheel will see gains, but as with all mods, there are down sides.