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is this right????

  clio 182
hi guys hope you can help me with this. posted a video so you can see my problem. im sure this isnt right? getting alot of smoke and water from the exhaust

  Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup
is it a new exhaust? becuase this happened to me when i had my new one, but it was petrol :| its gone away now tho lol
  clio 182
no standard exhaust. all coolant levels are fine. been doing it a while. been told head gasket?? but i would have thought i would be loosing coolant
  clio 182
just smells like warm water. been a problem for a long time tbh. my mate reckoned the fumes smelt like a problem with the cat. spoke to a mechanic and he reckons its most likely headgasket on way out
  Not got a car
if it was the gasket would the water not be all coloured and manky

That just looks like clear condensation water, but alot lol

Does it do it all the time? like after a long drive or just couple of mins on start up