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Is this usual

Hi guys n girls,

Was wondering is this usual ?.

Last week I noticed a whirring sound from the rear of my Willy2, so I promptly had checked then had replaced the nsr wheel bearing, get it back and the noise, although not as loud, is still there. Took it back to the garage that did it only to find it needs the osr wheel bearing replaced too. The garage owner there, who is a friend of mine says its very usual for both wheel bearings on the same axle to go within a week of each other, is this true ?.

Gotta have a moan too, Stapletons tyres and exhausts....I am going back there tomorrow morning. My rear pads were replaced by them in February this year, after just over 3k miles I have done since then, they are completely knackered. Worn so bad that my mates garage couldnt believe they were less than a year old.....the case continues.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

It is unlikely for both rear wheel bearings to fail within week of each other as there is no link. Its also NOT impossible. It is very difficult to locate a wheel bearing noise when they are in the early stage of failure, as the noise generally is not present off load. (Jacking up the car and spinning the wheel) but only noticeable when driving. We do not replace wheel bearings at work until they can be clearly diagnosed as faulty. We always recommend further mileage to allow the bearing to become noisier. That way we can always replace the correct wheel bearing without error.


(Renault Technician)