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itg panel or bmc panel

hi guys have had alot of good feedback from my last post but its crunch time now ordering today

so here goes

itg panel filter 45 delivered
bmc panel filter 27.95 delivered

which is best ? do they both need cleaning regulary and do they last basically forever??

i ma be wrong then but thats what i though i had read somewhere , due to its design iirc .
  RB 182
It lasts 3 times longer than existing ones or something like that. Subject to maintaining it. I think you can use a vacuum on the top surface if needed. It has a wire mesh over the fine foam layer.
cheers guys i want something better than the standard one but we aint talking about the difference say between an open pipercross and a maxogen they are only panel filters so i thought i may save some money and go for a cheaper one???

prices are from panel filter group buy and current price on ebay for the bmc!!

help guys?
cheers guys going to go for the itg dont want to suffer any difference in quality just for a couple of quid..the fact the itg dont need cleaning according to them is pretty good cheers guys thanks again
clidge said:
yes matey when does this group buy end has he got them in stock for immeadiate despatch cheers mate

give him a call mentioning all the info i gave in the original group buy post and he will send it out today if you pay for it over the phone.

let me know how you get on