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its here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah

Quote: Originally posted by S15VE_M on 17 March 2005
how much did you pay for that?

just the box? or the box and delivery?
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

An 11kg Head Unit. Bloody Hell!

Where did you get that from? Are you going to use it just for SatNav?
  Clio v6

Is this ICE ?

How much?

Where do you stuff all those wires?

I want one.

Who would like to fit it for me without blowing up my car?

not really need to take the seat out to mount the extra box but when i plugged it in it did fire up and it was quite spiffing :D

and yes it does show the way to southend :D
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

Is there a removable face panel for security?

Was it easy to fit?

Did you need an ISO adaptor or does it fit straight in?

right coco want me to come fit it for you ;)

the bottom bit pops off but there is no case thats 30 extra

easy sort of, harder than a head unit not as hard as i thought tho

it is standard iso connector in the fabia but you may need an ariel convertor for the clio (like i did)

thats what everyone has said everywhere i have seen it talked about :D

i just had to buy a set of spline drives £20 ariel convertor 13 and iso arieal plug £4 fabia fasia thingy 11 the costs keep going up lol