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Ive got strut braces and LOST my warranty

My car went in for an exhaust change (4k rattle) and a washer fluid bottle replacement (all fluid gone in about 2 hours).

The a$$ that got my car very calmly told me that I had NO warranty whatsoever because the car has been "modified" (Ive got a set of strut braces). Maybe I damaged the bottle when installing the front strut brace, because I had to bend something a little, still very unlikely cause ive seen others with the same problem (without the strut braces). But the exhaust is just unrelated with the strut brace, why should I loose my whole warranty about it?!

I still left the car because there was no manager to talk to, and am still waiting for him to call. Im worried because if they do refuse to make the repairs the appealing process may take years, literally. Consumer protection is not that good in Mexico.

What should I do?

Maybe those who have got the same problem can post so I can show them that it is a common problem with clios, (is it?)

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Yep i agree, youre not at fault here.

if they have a problem with the strut braces then all they can claim is the that you have to pay for the bottle but the exhaust should still be covered.

Its like them trying to claim that your suspension is no longer covered because you put different wheels on the motor
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I had my washer bottle replaced on Monday this week - they are known to fail - youre not the first. As for attempting to void your warranty thats just crazy. Mine is lowered, Magnex exhaust etc and the dealer has no problem with it at all. Did you buy the car from this dealer? If so I suggest you dont buy another!

i spoke to a guy at my local renault about modding clios. He said whatever you touch, anything that is related to this modification they can legally void on your warranty. Unless its something that is obviously renaults fault. So say, fitting lowering springs..they wont replace shockers etc

Thats just b****cks. I sent an email to Renault Customer services earlier this year asking about voiding my Warranty in relation to fitting non Renault parts. Heres the reply:

Dear Mr Ferris

Thank you for your further email.

I can advise you that if you have your vehicle serviced outside the Renault dealership network this will affect the warranty on your vehicle.

Should you replace serviceable parts with non Renault parts this will only affect the warranty on the fitted part of a fault related to the fitted part.

I hope this information is of assistance to you.


Anna Hurley

Renault Customer Services

I can understand why they might not cover the washer bottle because they may have thought you damaged it - but as Mike said he has had the problem and Im aware of 2 other people that have had the same thing go wrong.

A holes I reckon.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Had the 4k rattle but its sorted was the centre section of the exhaust. Replaced it and all is fine (touch wood!)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I chucked the entire exhaust system in a skip back in July - no such problems from the Magnex but it shouldnt be necessary really!

Ive had the bottle replacement also! (on my mk2) my local Renault dealer also fitted both strut braces (properly! drop the suspension out and bolt them in. Screws are a waste of time - think about the stresses its under), adj. konis, springs, full oil change to my spec etc.. etc... I even got there help with obtaining info on the ECU/lambda system.

No warranty problems, understandibly they cant warranty products you didnt buy there, but they should guarantee their workmanship!

Not all dealers are mentally challenged! just most of them ;-)
  320d M Sport

Mines going in next week for washer bottle problem, and i also had the 4000 rattle fixed. Renault are cack, theyre increasingly annoying me with all the sh*te i hear about em, muppetts.