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Jack for low cars?

I bought a 2 ton(tonne?) trolley jack for my cup in order to change a wheel bearing but its lowest reach of 5.5" or 6" was too high to get under my car! Does any1 know an online site or chain that sells one suitable for low cars?!

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carnt you use your normal jack to get it a lil higher then get the trolley jack under ( i did this with my old corsa b lol )


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Arcan jack from costco or ebay. Done. :)

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the lower trolley jacks are much more expensive due to them being more for a professional market mate. i just use the standard scissor jack to lift it up to the trolley jack height, easiest way tbh
Don't have a normal jack as the cup doesn't come with one and yes I had thought of that but don't want to bother with that when I want to get my car up. I have a nice place to do my diy work on my car and there is nothing raised to drive it up!


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Or pay £125 for a good quality jack, that will last you a lifetime as an occasional hobbyist. No brainer tbh. Beats f**king around with dodgy cheap trolley/scissor jacks. Only takes one of them to fail while doing that 'quick' wheel change and your well out of pocket.

Dont get me wrong, i like a bargain, some people would go as far to call me tight :eek:, but some things are worth paying just that bit extra for.
I don want a scissor jack though, want a decent trolley jack for the garage and to keep beyond the life of this car! As far as I know, standard cups don't have them?! Could drive onto wood, but I'd rather not have to!
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Renault Scissor jack for all of the 2 mins it takes to get the propper jack in then take it away. Would never rely on it.
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Ive been in this position before, safe to say the halford jack i boiught last week is s**t but i dont get how using a scissor jack would let him pull the trolley jack out at the end. I may invest in one of these sealey ones posted in here.
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I had a halfords one, shocking. I used to use the scissor jack too, just to take the weight off the wheels a cm or 2 just to get the jack under, but that Clarke one I bought is a cracking piece of kit.
The issue has never been the cost, am happy to spend a bit of money on a decent quality one which will last! I'm always going to need one so might aswell pay out for a good one!
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I bought one from Costco when I had my Elise, best £90 I ever spent. I used to drive it up onto planks of wood but its so much easier having a decent jack.


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I drive onto a staircase of block paving to housebrick. Then get a normal trolley jack under. Jobs a goodun. Would love an alloy Arcan, but they are about 115 now from Costco IIRC.
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