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jamesy's Megane 225 Inferno progress thread.

Having now owned my Meg for nearly 2 weeks thought I'd start a thread to keep a history of what I do to it.

Car bought from @mossyv6.

Has had a few mods done when bought.

Scorpion decat and stainless exhaust.
Induction kit.
Stainless down pipe (not sure what, tbh)
Forge blanking plate.
Dump valve.
Remap. Unsure whether its an RS tuner or Ktec at the moment.
Aftermarket 18" alloys. Zeba's, never heard of them and cant find any info on them. Most likely replace with some R26 wheels at some point.
Brembo front calipers.
H & R lowering springs.

Car drives and pulls well. No knocks or rattles, car feels much more solid than the Clio I had.

Fitted an improved head unit and speakers.

Immediate plans are oil change and filter as the oil was pretty old. Done today.

Tomorrow is new thermostat as its running cool. Won't come off the cold map in low gears so not revving beyond 5500 rpm. Should improve things and fuel economy too.

Got a tyre pressure sensor to sort but that'll probably get clipped out to save chasing that down.

Get some 4 wheel alignment done as tracking slightly out.

The only other thing is to find out why it smells a bit fuely in the car when I put the climate control on. More when its on windscreen setting. There's no other fuel smell out side the car just when its blowing.

Loving the car so far.
How you finding it in comparison to the clio?
Night and day. Much more solid feeling car. Its quicker but much more unflustered.

The Clio's are all revs and noise where as the Megane is low down torque and pull. Revs top out at 6500 ish. Its just alot more grown up.

They handle really well. Corner pretty flat with very little body roll. The steering is a little neutered in comparison to the Clio, bit less feel but isn't bothering me at the moment.

Would recommend test driving one or riding shot gun in one to see what you think.

So far not regretting it one bit.;)


ClioSport Club Member
Is that front grill standard? Lets down the front end really!
Other than that it looks stunning. Subbed.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
Is it an 04 car with a facelift front end or a facelift car with a private plate?
It's a hybrid front end - I really want to see the back of the bumper!

The top half is a ph2 bumper, the lower half is a ph1 - I'm quite impressed by it


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
Looks plenty tidy enough for the money, need to see it in the flash to know what it's really like.

You gave up on the Trophy too easily! Should have at lease mapped it and stuck a short shift on it first.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Aye maybe. Probably cause I bought the rb as whim moment. 14 months later that whim is still here.

Will have to be really nice whatever car I get next

The Crumb Master

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Facelift. Not a private plate, never seen the point in them.

Although when I viewed it I thought its gotta be good, says so on the plate;)
The chances are I sold that when it was new.
I was the 'Renault sport specialist' at our dealership in 2004-2008. And our dealerships primary reg was WRxxxxx
A pointless fact for you there!
The chances are I sold that when it was new.
I was the 'Renault sport specialist' at our dealership in 2004-2008. And our dealerships primary reg was WRxxxxx
A pointless fact for you there!
Could you clarify what the spec is? I've guessed at a Lux.

Its got brembo fronts but painted oe rears, pagid I would guess.

Leather interior, climate, cruise control.

Its been lowered so don't know if its cuppped??



ClioSport Club Member
Looks brilliant, I'm not really a massive fan of the wheels but with that bumper it looks angry!

I'll keep an eye on this for your updates :).
Oh and did Aaron have the cup?
No. Guy came to view from the midlands on Saturday and we agreed on a price. Even did a Mike Brewer and said 'old at yer 'and..

Tbh it meant I only had to wait 6 days between buying and selling and as I borrowed from the house fund i was quite keen to replenish the funds asap.

But sad to see it go but time to move on.


ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182 + E92 330d
Looks good other than the wheels, although they wouldn't look as bad if you slapped some tyre shine stuff on the tyres.

Is the roof wrapped/sprayed or has it got like a glass pano roof?
Nothing too dramatic to report. Loving the car. Been pushing it a bit more now its warm and dry and its a very good handling car. Eats up the corners with ease, they corner very flat. The turbo is always eager to boost and give me all the lovely torque. Some pics I took at lunch time just cos:D
WP_20170412_10_56_35_Pro (2).jpg