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Java Programming.

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Im a first year computer science student and am wondering if anyone knows of any good books for java or even some good websites. Currently only have one book about the fundamentals of programming using java. i have never used java before until this last month. Have a practical exam on monday and a written exam on firday. The practical i pretty much have sorted as they showed us the challenges and know what to do. Its the written part im wondering about have not been told what sort of questions or what we will be asked. Like will we have to write code or work out the outputs or find errors? Or will it just be general questions about what certain things mean.
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Big Java

Cay S. Horstmann

ISBN 978-0-470-10554-2

Depends on your course but questions asked will most likely be stuff like: what will this code snippet output...modify this code snippet to do blablabla....write some code to do this....