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JBL sh*te

Just fitted a new set of 4 JBLs 13 cm to replace the standard speakers in my clio sport, and fair dos they sound sh*te. Nothing compared to the originals no where near as loud and the bass is sh*te,

  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.

If you ask me thats just a straight swap, you need components with/or an amp for better sound.
Have you still got std headunit.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Make sure youve not accidentily reversed the polarity on the speakers, ie; make sure + is going to + on each side, if not they cancel each other out and sound like poo!

The standard hu wont be helping but they shouldnt be worse than standard!

give them some power, sound deaden the door

also TBH i wouldnt expect that much bass from a 13cm? maybe you were expecting too much...

im not sure if its true but i was once told standard speakers are designed to play a broader range of frequencies whereas aftermarket ones are more specified to play what they are more suuited towards

They definately sound alot worse than the standard speakers. The polaritys right on all speakers, i wasnt expecting much of an improvement but cant believe they sound worse. I let you know when i get the new head unit.