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  White R26/Stripped Valver
Your car is looking sweet mate, i did wave dunno if the island in the middle of the road got in the way, which i almost crashed in to lol while looking at ure motor.
  White R26/Stripped Valver
yeah was on me way to work, which is where i am now, on a sunday. good old milk depo lol
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  White R26/Stripped Valver
it was lol, im the only one there on a sunday, i park the car inside and lock the gate lol!
  White R26/Stripped Valver
My dad's business is run from there, we deliver dairy products to restaurants as we buy most of our stuff from the depo we thought we might as well run it from there.
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
aaahhh, just thought as u were workin there with all gates shut, u may have been looking after it lol
  White R26/Stripped Valver
wouldnt think a milk depo would need security guards lol. Dont think a milk float is the best choice of vehicle for a joy ride lol, would be funny as hell to watch it on police wildest car chases :rasp: