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juddering from 2.5 - 4k - feels as if something loose undeneath..?

  Foz turbo S & a 172
hi all.

I hope somebody can help.

I have an 02 ph2 172. 79k miles. full serviced, just had oil water and tyres checked sunday. Belts done at 41k.

As I say, the car has just started this worrying juddering feeling when accellerating from 2.5 - 4k - feels as if something is loose undeneath.

Its on coilovers and is slammed to the limit. Not my choice. I'm currently lookig for somebody to lift it.

If I slow down in 4th gear then apply throttle at 1.5k revs again, there's this terrible shake before it gets going.

At full pelt its fine. when pulling away in first 2 gears its fine. Its just started doing it today.

Soes this sound familiar to anyone..?

thanks for looking.

  Foz turbo S & a 172
Sounds crazy but check your front wheel nuts

..I'm going to give the motor a look underneath (if I can fit under) tonight........Including the wheels.

Opened up the bonnet last night and grabbed hold of the engine and started riving at it like a madman (neighbours must've thought I was doin a Basil Fawlty..) ..but it did prove the engine seems well strapped in.. Or was that not a good test of the engine mounts..?

  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Can't test mounts like that, the engine only tries to move when it sees load.

Get someone to sit with their foot on the brake and rev it to 2k then partially lift the clutch so the engine tries to work, then you might see it move. Just dont get run over trying!
take it to someone if in doubt.