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just been told we are going to impliment SAP !

i dont think there could be any worse news tbh and they think they can do it for a budget of 150k HAHA using one technical person (me) and two developers that have never even been anywhere near it are going to do it all aparantly :eek:

anyone support sap?


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lol. unlucky mate. company i work for have just transfered to it. i have had literally no work for 5-6 weeks becasue no material is coming out of stores. management however, seem to think its been a roaring success. not to sure where they got that from.

so no, dont support it. the system we used before (cant remember the name of it) was complex, but it worked. re-inventing the wheel ftl tbh...
we already have a great in house system but noo the sister company has sap it took them years to get it working but they seem to think we need it :(
  Octy VRS
Once it works properly it really is very good. I guess having a team of about 10 SAP support specialists helps though. I'm sure it took a long while before it was up and running. Good luck!


I use it and it works fine. Don't know about the technical side though. Good luck.
Once it works properly it really is very good. I guess having a team of about 10 SAP support specialists helps though. I'm sure it took a long while before it was up and running. Good luck!

sister company has like 30 sap and technical people we have 3 people that have never even seen it lol

Darren S

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Jeezuz m8 - you're in for a rocky time! We've had it in the sister company here for about 3 years and they are still ironing out major issues. The impression I get is that if you buy SAP, install SAP and use SAP straight out of the 'box' - you'll be fine. Try to tweak it for your own use..... oh dear.

I think they've gone through at least two support partners in trying to get it working right.

You're in for the long haul with this one!

We have it, I purely use it for loging time,, holidays and expenses.
Higher ups use it for invoicing clients etc. I find it good personally.
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SAP is a massively complicated system. We have it at our place and it works well, training for staff has been an issue though as it's not the most user friendly.

If it's implemented properly it is an impressive tool, I don't think our place fully exploits its potential.
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yeah.... enjoy... - i did sap tech support for a large bank and it was probably the biggest pain in my life. took far too long to actually get anywhere or do anything useful and maintaining it was a pain in the ass.



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the plus side is that in a couple of years when you have some sap experience you will be worth more!
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Our company is implementing SAP worldwide and I am just going through 'wave 2' of the whole process. From what I have done so far it looks very impressive, even if it is 20 odd years old. It beats using AS400 that's for sure.
Mind you, we will have around 30 consultants on site plus my service desk team so it's all good.
Ha ha you'll have fun

Its not that bad as some would have it but you do need to give it constant maintaince.
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from a users point of view, i find it not that bad. true there are a HEAP of codes, but it is a good system.

HOWEVER, when it doesnt want to work....all hell is unleashed.
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A screenshot of the transactions I use each day. So much fun...
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That screenshot looks all too familiar!

Been using SAP for about 4 years and it isn't the most user friendly but at least it stops my company from employing numptys though (well maybe a few).
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Good luck. We have been using it for a few yrs now. Its fine when you get the hang of it. Its just getting the hang of it lol.
the license fee is circa 2700 per user we have 60 users so that the budget blown right away lol let alone new switching network and server and upgrades to the san infrastructure etc


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I don't think I've ever seen a SAP project, even a small one, that was under a million quid :p