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The above and also the car seems to be misfiring (im driving then power cuts out for a second or two an makes funny noise) im really not mechanically minded so this is worrying me, i had the sensor changed to correct the emissions and the lights back on plz any advice will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
yes i had a test done, the lamda sensor that was removed today was not in gud condition.... any ideas!?
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I have this too! Emissions light and slight misfire above 5k...would also appreciate any ideas?
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I see where Danny is going with this... incorrect diagnosis to begin with (Either that or someone has stung you for a sensor that they never fitted).

Check the condition of the wiring to the H02 sensor as it's close to the exhaust and so susceptible to damage - this is the cause of a lot of so called "Lambda sensor faults" rather than the sensor itself.

To me, from what you've said the H02 sensor could indeed be the fault but so could the coolant temp sensor... misfiring, increased fuel consumption. It needs looking at by someone that know's what they're looking at when presented with the live data screen. Code reading is only half the battle ;)

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Code reading is only half the battle

half? Dont think i've seen a faulty lambda show up as a fault in the last 2 years, but they still give incorrect readings.

Misfiring makes me thing it's more likely an ignition based fault
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Don't you just plug in the computer and it tells you exactly what's wrong mate? :rofl: