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Just got a bump in my rear quarter panel


  Clio 2 RS 182
Was driving to see a friend this morning before work, indicated to turn right down a side road and slowed down, started the turn and got bumped by a nice lady behind in a Jag X-Type in the driver's side rear quarter.

I glanced in my side mirror just before turning (although not over my shoulder), and made the call that she was slowing to let me as you'd expect, cos I'd seen her in my rear view not long before.

Anyway, there's just paint transfer to her car, no damage to her wing that we could see (although it was early and a bit dark). Swapped details and stuff and went about our mornings. Low speed so no real big deal.

Just wondering now about how expensive it's likely to be. Only got phone pics until my ex gets home with her camera, here goes:

Anyone had a similar bump, or any guesstimates about repair cost?

Thanks in advance!


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ClioSport Club Member
£500 ish + VAT + New moulding mate. That's a rough figure at £30 per hour.

It will repair mate and you really don't want anyone fitting a new quarter to your car.
  Black RS200
same happend to mine (only mine was parked up at the time) i had no marks on my paintwork as it hit the moulding which then stoved the side in.
Dentmaster did mine, £60 (they are mobile so they come to your house or work)