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just got pulled

  ff 182

Coming off the roundabout tonite and come up to some country lanes so i started to have some fun with my car and over take a Escort estate then out of no where comes this Volvo T5 4x4 pulls me over and said did you know u were doing 64mph in a 40mph i was like its the first time ive been on this road theres no signs and no lamp he gave me caution and said next time he will give me 3points and £60 fine.

Close one Pete - bet it was a road that you know very well!!:D

Have been working since 6.45am on my damn alarm and it looks as if I might (might):sick:(might) be able to get it started, but still with the shagged alarm. Will keep you posted!

I read somewhere that whilst overtakluing you can exceed the limit by a maximum of 40mph (though have heard variants) as long as you slow back to the limit asap. I got stopped a while back for 75 in a 60 and said I was overtaking safely and slowed down after opassing the slower car. Copper checked the video, agreed and let me off. Always worth a try if u havent been followed for long