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Just had some fun with a Supra & MKI 172

Just been out for a spin around Swansea and came across a very nice Supra, not sure what model it was, doubt it was the Twin Turbo one because I was keeping up with it all the way until I backed off. First sort of race I have had but I definitely hold back because of the fear of a speeding ticket.

Then, on my way home I saw a MKI 172 pull out of a garage, slowed down to let him close in and then onto a dual carriageway in a 40 zone ready to go into a 60 zone, pull over and ready to boot it and he beats me to it and gets the jump on me, by the time I see this, he is past me and onto another dual carriageway where I give chase and the gap stays the same until I back off again, loads of fun in one night !