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Just my Luck !!

I can't believe it, i'm just having my alloy refurbed after somebody moved my car and scraped it down the curb (not sure how it's possible to scrape a wheel moving a car straight backwards). Anyway my wheels are black so it looked terrible, so i thought i've got to get it done before the World Series.


Well after going to Trax as a passenger yesterday i went out to my car today to find it has been scratched down one side.

So it looks like i'm gonna be spending this week trying to polish as much of it out as i can before i leave Friday night !
  top of the pyramid
nasty scrape , off topic say if you get a wheel refurb for the wheels already on the car and you just change colour does it affect insurance? (sorry if its a no brainer but just wondered)
  Chocolate Bar™
u should have a heart to heart with adamhodg on here, hes just got his refurbed in black and scratched em with his wheel brace, proper gutting