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Just Picked up my CUP

Only have driven home in it (20 miles) so Im just getting used to it.

Im going to do as the book says and run it in for 625 miles then all the revs are mine!!!

It seems very quiet inside so I may get an exhaust in the future.

It had the Cup 172 badges missing from the side of the car so they are on order!

Well I just want to get the running in period over and get used to it so I can drive normally.

Thanks for all the advice you guys have given me and I hope to attend some meet ups in the future.


Just thinking about mods and the warranty.

I dont think I can wait until 3yes from now to mod it, I need Renault to bring out thier sport packages


Talking of cup badges, mine came with just one, on the passenger side door pillar.

Some of the articles I have seen, they are on the drivers side only, the passengers side only or on both.

Anyone know the form?

My stickers are on both pillars

Well done on your new car Scott, against the book I ragged the pants off it from day one and never (touch wood) had a problem.

Done 4300 miles and got in some good red line gear changing this morning, fantastic!


the badges should be on both sides, youve been done son!

Make sure youve got your front splitter too as that went walkabout on a few too.


Yeah, theyre supposed to be on both. Id personally leave them off. Mine might only be an extreme but after a few washes and polishes the badges looked crap with scum round the edges so i just took them off with a hairdryer!

I was lucky enough to have a drag from the lights with a cup today. Got my ass kicked but done him on the roundabout after :)


...and then did you wake up



The spitter is a two piece black plasic affair, the full width of the front valance, prolly ony about an inch deep. The guy who sold me mine said it came in a plastic bag on the back seat, to avoid being ripped off in transit. trouble is the frogs forgot to put them all in or they got em nicked, cause some came without them.


lol! I just think cup drives are a bunch of pussies


The cup at my local dealer has no splitter, i noticed it straight away being the geek that i am


maybe they dont fit it until its sold cause ut might get ripped off if its on one of those silly display ramps that they have in some showrooms.

you wouldnt see mine either cause id be past you before the light reached your eyes... youd just see a blue flash if you were lucky enough not to be blinking. :devilish:


The splitter is a one piece job.............had to get mine fitted as it was in the back seat - 5 mins is all it takes!

Congrats on the car - dont let it go to your head now!

Chris- With a car called zoe how on earth do you think you can beat me! lol

How much lower is the cup than the 172 then? Has anyone bottomed out in their cup yet?

I tell you what renault seem to be sh*t at quality control, the place in southampton needs a kick up the arse pronto! Theyre supposed to do a full check, and then your local dealer doublechecks. I would ask them to check the whole car again as they might not of bothered (Do you trust them?!) and ask for confirmation. Make sure they know ur not to be f**ked about with :D

Yeah I think I do trust them, I dont think they have sold many Cups. Besides i dont want to be an arsehole and get everyones backs up, I will just tell them to sort it and if it does not happen them I will have a quiet word.


Good good. Not really a result though, they should of done it in the first place!

BTW you have a clio cup in blue..kinda obvious!

My dealer actually seems OK. The car had the splitter when I picked it up and badges where they should be! That said it is going back tomorrow to have a suspension knock looked at and a few other things so I shall wait and see!

When I ordered it they new all about it, and found a Cup in the dealer network for me to test, the guy certainly appreciated that it was different from the standard 172 and in his view it was the better car... I agree!