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just raced another 330 ci

  mk2 172

this guy spotted me so gunned it past, i followed, upto a roundabout, we both came off roundabout in the same lane, with me behind and nailed it, hed edged away a bit by about 85 when we had to slow down at some lights, i had to settle for being behind him, he set off, i spun like f*** giving me a sh*t start so he already had a couple of cars lengths, then to make it worse it took three attempts to get it in third, by this time he was miles away so i still nailed it anyway, was really gutted id fluffed to things and to make it worse i put it in third at 110 mph, ouch, thats twice ive done the rediculous ehgine shagging gearchange in a month. my gearbox is so sh*t it never wants to go in gear, last time it was 2nd gear at 80mph. fukin thing, anyone got 700 quid to give away

Just raced another 330 ci ..... and lost. Presume you cant make those 0 - 60 figs as quoted above every time then. But youd probably have whipped his arse if your box wasnt knackered. Start saving.... or buy a BMW.
  mk2 172

what you on about? a 330 ci is like a missile, i wouldnt beat one with any box, last time i raced one i held him for longer though

been over this before. a willy or 172 may be able to have a little play with a 330 but if you can beat one then theyn obviously were not trying or they could not drive

  CTR EK9 turbo

Craggy - I can relate to you. Ive done the same thing, the gear box is pants in the willy/172 so it seems. My gear box is being replaced under warranty next week. Is the willy gear box a diesel clio one? or is that a myth?
  mk2 172

are the diesel bits tougher or summat then? cos my work escort van gets pounded constantly, a T reg and done 120k of constant thrashing through every gear, crunching, bouncing, the lot, and never any drive train failure, i know its got less power in a diesel van but it takes a beating day in, day out, and still comes back begging for more.