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Just Tested A Valver!!!

All i can say is....


Crist i have to get one of these...

which leads me on to my wanted..
  Audi S3

Its not just the power at 4.5k i also love the change of engine note!

Out of intrest is the 172 similar?


the change in note?
hell yeah, it really comes on cam quite nicely.

you should hear mine....developing the chip so ignition settings and the rev limit are higher....@ 7500rpm, it really sounds nice!
i should record it.

Just a quick note to the lad with the 205, if your lookin for a phase 2 16v have a look at mine in the for sale section its under cherished 16v.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah but the rear arch on a 16v is a common rust spot. There are plenty out there without a rusty rear arch so why get one that shows that with a previous (or maybe even current!) owner it wasnt looked after?

Was out today for a spin in mine - and oh my god for an 8 year old car can it kick some butt!! Read my main post!
  silver valver/hybrid

i took a mate from work for a blast up to the peak district and back, i think he was well impressed, he was thinking of getting a vectra or mondeo, i think i may have changed his mind!!

Ta for that Lofty! Incredibly my 16v has no rust at all on the rear arches (1994 L) - touch wood! Ive even seen a 1996 N last-of-the-line 16v with mega rust on the rear arches.

When I sold my old Clio it had no rust on the arches, but I saw it the other week (ten months later) - and it has really rusted up! I think if you keep the arches clean then youll be OK!

I have never driven a 16V, but i did have a fast ride in Aarons down in W/sussex when down their.......
ANyway, its blisteringly fun!.....i want one, but the prospect of buyin another renault and the mega stupid engine bay is putting me off....looks like ford for me...oooeerr...the dark side calls!

Anyway, for a 8yrs old car, its amazin.....but my MK1 XR2 which is 20 gave Aaron quite a surprise when we found out it was the same speed!!! thats a Q car...sort of.