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Just washed my car

All these threads about our car problems that we seem to be having, got me thinking about what type of car I am driving, so I thought as you do, what with the long dark nights and bad weather, nothing else to do but think! After Christmas I am going to sell my car and look for something different ie. not a Renault. Having not washed my 172 for a month, got up this morning, sun was shinning and I thought Ill wash my car for a change!!

Anyway as the colour started showing through the dirt, I started realising why I had bought the car in the first place. Its looks,shape,colour, everything about it started to come back to me. Then I started thinking about the summer, no headlight washers needed, no rain sensor wipers needed, no banging on hard acceleration, plenty of traction. God us Renault owners are lucky. Lovely

Ive not driven any real performance cars before but if the 172 was the last I wouldnt mind too much, despite the problems Ive had...although my dream car is a Griffith in red like the Clio!


  Ford Fiesta

did mine 2day too. it was the dirtiest its ever been with all the salt and grime, Ive spent 6 hours on it, new rain x and bumber care and full treatment under car too. All to get it mucky again on way to work this week! :-(

mad, first time youve washed it in a month?

need to make sure you get it washed in the winter, all the rubbish off the road can damage your paint

Must admit if I dont clean mine tomorrow then you wont be able to see it anymore. Just too cold, not like me to wait this long, would normally clean it in the snow for something to do, must be working to hard? (or just at the pub too often ;) )
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Washed mine this morning - lots of water to get the salt off. No probs with the car but the weather was still pretty cold (colder than I thought anyway) and all the water froze on the drive. No worries I said, itll melt this afternoon.

It didnt.

So now we are the only house in our street with an ice rink, its minus 4 outside and Ill need crampons to walk to the end of the drive so I can get to the pub.

At least we probably wont get burgled.. :confused:
  Ford Fiesta

abs had actually been used in my car recently first time it has cut in since i got it in april.

I gave it a long hard blast with the power washer underneath and in fact all over

Did mine this morning as well and just like you telford-mike, I inadvertently created an ice rink - still it was fun watching the bloke next door who always cuts the top of our drive go a over t. And the kids in our street have had an enjoyable sliding competition this afternoon! :)