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K&N 57i Air Filter

  Renault Clio 172
Hi all,

Anyone got a K&N 57i Air Filter on their 172/182?

Im thinking of putting one on my 172, and want to know if its worth it! Only £90 off eBay :)
  Renault Clio 172
Don't do it! Sounds good, but will kill the power with heat soak!!

Really, how come it kills power? I thought it would increase it as there is more cold air rushing into the engine?

I've got a cold air intake pipe on it already from the previous owner, should I remove that too?


ClioSport Club Member
As hot air is less dense than cold air, the engine doesn't burn as cleanly as it could do, resulting in less power.

Obviously it's more complicated that that, but that's the basics.
  Nippy white cup
I think they should be a little cheaper than £90. And while what people say about the heat issue is true I got a 14.1 1/4mile running (amongst other mods) a piperx cone filter with no cold air feed so it works both ways imo...they don't add much performance but they also do take much away either.

Plus the RS's sound great with a filter (this was a BMC sealed one with no cold air feed)

  ClioSport 172 Cup
The gain from cold feed on an NA inline 4 is 'minimal'. The most important thing is your plenum/inlet pressure and i wouldnt lose any sleep over this 'heatsoak' people talk about! At cruisin and high speeds the hot air under the bonnet is constantly being lost and replaced with cooler air through the front vents.