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K&N Induction kit sat on my desk

  Golf GTi DSG

Sounds nice on my measly 1.4 RT so should sound fabtastic on your beasty 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 04 March 2003

Quote "Loses you power on the 172" BenR
Agreed, unless you make a cold air box to fit round it, with some induction pipes feeding it. mmmmm.......would sound montserous.

It does sound really nice - 3500 - 4500 rpm and you are turning head at 200 meter (this is guessed you under stand.)

I have no problem with mine melting and i dont see why it would. it is mabe out of the same meterials that you already find under the bonnet. I dont have a cold air box but do have two cold air feeds.

As for loss of power - i have not noticed any drop in power. but it does seem to react better and high speed/reves.

Fit it and see for your self you can always install the original back if you dont like it.