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k tec exhaust

  Toureg vW Transporte

just had the car back now with the service done and the full ktec exhaust and de-cat pipe on and its a joke, i know people told me it was loud, but theres loud and LOUD the things unbelievable /deafaning, i think i can hear some sounddeadaning cuming up, would the best place to put this be in the boot? hows the best way to apply it.....bloody rally car

can u drive it without it making the windows vibrate? only reson being is that i want one but dont want the whole of my street complaining! How much was it mate?
  Toureg vW Transporte

the 4.5 inch jap slash cut,mmm my mum aint 2 pleased, worked out as just under 250 quid, i like it though, better than the powerflow i had before.;)

I take it youve got the straight through de-cat then like me, cos I know what you mean about it sounding like a rally car! :D
  Toureg vW Transporte

hope so,yeah car seems to respond a little better,yep got the straight through system,am pleased though
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, i told you it was very loud

ive lined my boot in brown bread, but the exhaust is so loud i dont think anythin is gonna stop you hearin it

peeps seriously dont understand just how loud that exhaust is until they hear it, and mine didnt get quieter the sound just changed slightly, so maybe you will have to get a silenced de-cat

ive been pulled for mine
  Toureg vW Transporte

wots the legal level?its gotta be close aint it?wot did the coppers say brun?yeah a bit of sound deadening aint gunna stop that fighter jet noise coming out.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i wouldnt bother myself with sound deadenin, no matter how much you use your still gonna hear it

not sure on legal level but the coppers thought i had built the system myself, thought i was a mechanic, once i told them it was a bought system then they let off a little, but said i was drawing a lot of attention to myself having an exhaust like that

There is no legal sound limet. The only thing they may be able to get you on is the excessive noise after 2030 hours law. Nothing else that I can think of. Exhaust emiisions on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish.


There is no legal sound limit for an exhaust but what the coppers will do you for is noise pollution/creating a disturbance. So dont be flooring it round residential areas and youll be ok.

Mines be on for quite a while now and ive not been stopped yet.

For God sake, are these things really loud, i wanted to get 1 for mine. Although i wasnt goin to for a DeCat1.

I hate really loud exhausts especially if they serve no purposes (ie when it goes on my 1.2)
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Dont know about anyone else but this has put me off getting a K-Tec system. I know the the build quility is great and everything but Ive been in cars before with very loud exhausts (Novas funnily enough;)) and after about ten minutes of driving it was just doing my head in.

Not knocking people whove got K-Tec systems but I wouldnt get one.


My best mates girl friend has got a magnex system on her 1.3 mini. God it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud it hurts. But it does sound fantastic. Just wear ear plugs.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

K-tec offer different levels of loudness. They are very flexible...if you dont like it theyll change it, no probs.

Yeah but im from NI. I wouldnt be bothered with all that sending it back and forth.

Would ya be able to get an additional silencer added at your local Exhaust shop, theres a guy over here wholl build your exhaust how ya like but his tail pipes are limited?
  Toureg vW Transporte

i should think so,a lot of the noise seems to come from the backbox,the tail pipe gets pretty hot after a good thrash

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

We are developing a new back box for the system on tuesday which will have a quiter exhaust noye and a different tailpipe design which is yet to be confirmed.

  Clio 200 FF

How about a chrome or alloy surround / bumper protector as well just to finish the look off David