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K-Tec racing

  172 Cup

Got my catalogue this morning nut havent had a chance to have a look through. Everybody else get theirs?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Got mine - looks like a rush job but not bad just the same. The web site still says:
"This website will be expanding over the next few weeks to cater for all the exciting new parts we are now able to offer. In the meantime if you would like further details please call or e-mail us with your address and we will send you a catalogue. "

When I went home at lunch time the catalogue had been delivered, decent range, anybody had much dealings with them, what they like

Alex M (alexmac)

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Hello, the catalogue we have sent out is only the first issue. As the amount of parts we will be able to supply is still growing it is difficult to put together a glossy catalogue as it will need updating every few weeks which would prove very expensive. The website should start to show some of the parts with pictures over the next couple of weeks. This will then be followed by a colour catalogue. All the people who receive a catalogue will be put on our mailing list and when new parts or catalogues become available they will be sent details.

  BMW 320d Sport

I got mine last week, the lexus lights look good for the modern Clios. Shame they dont do them for old Clios though.

in fact David (K-Tec) how about some clear rear clusters or Lexus style for the rear of the old Phase 1/2/3 Clios (up to 98)? Theres always a lot of people asking about them.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

yep definately need some fancy clusters as were lagging behind in that department!

Also the turbo kit, have you sorted out what parts are included? In particular forged pistons.Do you have a rough idea on when its available, and how long it will to fit the kit.

not too keen on them lexus lights meself, prefer them in one big red circle and chorme background, just like the original infact!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

to to Well done K-Tek anyway for doing this stuff - you deserve to do well, and Im sure Ill be speaking to you soon!