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  Octavia vRS
Hi guys,

I have had my new 182 for about a month and i am lovin every min of it. Went from a 1.2 to 182 its just great.... anyway am looking at the K-tec racing and at the exhaust system... I really just want to know if its any good? or if anyone knows of anything better to get..

  Black 172 MK2
yozza top stuff. the a shedmotor sport (somthign like that) on here thats ament to me ammazing but for me its BLUE FLAME becuase im cheap :)
  Lionel Richie
Ali said:
^Wouldn't even!;) **

I've got a k-tec on my 172, i like it.

you have skinny arms and a racing driver haircut and you're from the fatherland, oh and your bird is nice too

apart from that we all value his opinion ;)